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    Some comments from our brides:

Hey John,
     We got the wedding video and we LOVE it! We didn't get home from being out of town until 10:00 last night, so we stayed up until midnight laughing and crying our way through it. The video is absolutely beautiful and so tastefully put together! What a wonderful way to remember our special day!
     Thank you so much!
     We watched the video again last night, and I just wanted to say that I am blown away with all that you did! I was moved to tears (and goose bumps) several times!
     Thanks again
     Hi John,
You did an exceptionally excellent job with the video both Amar and myself are very pleased.
     Thank you
Arlette M. Dindiyal
Hi John,
     Our president was thrilled at the seamless editing of the campaign video from 2 weeks ago. Thanks for your attention to the sound and artistic quality.
     Janet Owens, CFRE
     Vice President
     Marketing and Communications
     United Way of Northeast Florida

        Wedding Event Videos prides itself on delivering nothing but the finest work at the most reasonable prices. Owner John Willman has been producing the finest cinéma vérité wedding videos for over 20 years. Aside from being a creative videographer, he was chief editor for several of the most prominent post-production facilities in the country. Imagine what you get when you hire an award winning producer of broadcast quality productions to shoot and to edit your video. The result is nothing but spectacular!

        Attention to detail comes with experience. We use tiny wireless microphones to hear your vows clearly.  We subtly interview your guests throughout the night, gathering their thoughts and praises of your special day.  Plus, we creatively frame every shot to give you the best experience possible, shooting in HDTV and delivering onto high resolution DVDs.

        You don’t have to worry about anyone upstaging your event.  We will blend in with your festivities, no light stands or cords to trip over. Our elegant and discreet style has immortalized the most precious moments of brides and grooms into a living, moving account of the most special day in their lives. Your friends, family and children will be able to look back with this family heirloom with pride and awe.

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